Limited Mobility

There are a few good ways to get to the sanctuary for someone who has trouble moving around:

Front door (no stairs): If you park on the street and enter the front door, you won't have to take any stairs and you won't have to walk too far. There is a curb on the street and the street is slanted, so you'll want to make sure you feel confident getting up to the sidewalk. Once you can get up the curb, you'll just take the sidewalk to the main entrance—it's not very far if you get a good spot.

Back door (stair lift): If you want a totally flat unloading spot, you can park in the back parking lot. It's gravel, so it can be muddy, but it's usually in good condition. You don't need to take any stairs or step over a curb to get to the back door from the parking lot. Once you're inside, you can take the stairs or use a stair lift to get up to the sanctuary. The lift is off to the left side of the basement—there is a sign pointing the way. There are other stairs through the doors off to the right.  

Wheelchair unloading: If you are in a wheel chair and someone is driving you, the best place to unload is where the driveway on left side (southeast) of the church crosses the sidewalk. You might need help getting to the front door because there is a hill to go up, but it's a nice flat unloading spot. Your helper can leave the vehicle in the driveway as they bring you to the front of the church, and then come back and park it once you are inside. There is another driveway on the other side of the church, so you won't be blocking traffic.

Restrooms: There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom with good hand holds just outside the sanctuary, in the back. There are also bathrooms in the basement, but they are probably too tight for a wheelchair or walker.

Limited vision or hearing

If you have limited hearing or vision, we have some tools you can use to help you participate in worship:

Hearing assistance: If you have difficulty hearing, we have headphone devices that can help you hear the worship service. They are very simple to use—just like an old transistor radio. Just ask an usher for one—they will set you up, and make sure you know how to adjust it.

Large Print: There are large print versions of the bulletin and the hymns. Ask an usher and they will provide you with one.

Young Children

If you have children there are a couple places you can go if you need to:

Diaper Changing Station: There is a changing station in the room in the back, on the left wall beside the bathroom. As of now there is no sign on the outside of the door, but inside there is a changing station on the far wall. It's a multipurpose room, so it looks a little odd, but it will suit your baby perfectly. 

Break room: We don't have a dedicated daycare room, but if you need some quiet space, you can go downstairs and use the Sunday school room, or use the multipurpose room beside the upstairs bathroom. The congregation is very understanding of the disruptions that kids sometimes make, so you don't need to worry very much on our account. But feel free to use those spaces whenever you like.